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    What a reaction ! I am no historian but this is probably the earliest
  of Jewish Czernowitz.
     The Jewish Hospital seems a later add- in ,as the fonts are different
  the rest of map.
     Most intersting : As this map is before the railroad the Bahnhofstrasse
  out of town and simply called : Strasse nach Lemberg - more a road sign
than street.
    The Judengasse has 2 parts the Obere and the Untere . Later the Untere
     The Obere became plain Judengasse.
     Between the two the Juden Platz ! The very heart of Jewish Czernowitz.
        Also for the first time I see the Ham ! In the middle of the
         When I mentioned the Ham on the Gruss , the young locals asked me :
          What is this a "Ham"? and made all kind of allusions as to the
          of my mind.
            The Ham was removed before my time but the name persisted.
               We never called the place Springbrunnenplatz - just Ham .
                  I think the name is of Turkish origin and was an arthesian
                     used as a watering place for horses.
                        And for Jews who came to fill buckets - I imagine.
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Czernowitzers... I have had an outstanding response on the map.
First, Arthur Ridner has done a remarkable transformation using
PhotoShop on the map. It is now possible to read many of the street
names and house numbers quite easily. So, I now post Arthur's
handywork at:

Here's the responses... I hope I haven't left anyone out:

 From Peter Elbau: This is probably a map used for the restoration of
the quarter affected by the blast from 1859. The fire started August
21 at 5:15 pm in the carpenter-factory from Sanocki (at the corner
Judengasse - Uhrmachergasse). The jewish quarter was especially
affected - 78 houses were burnt down.

From: Yitzhak Rosner The translation is:
For the rehabilitation (?) of the parts of the city damaged by fire.
Israelit(ische) Heilanstalt = Jewish Hospital

 From Cornel Fleming: Hi, it seems to say:for the regularisation of the
firedamaged part of czernowitz. I suspect it means repair. Now it
needs a historianto tell us when there was a fire.

 From Iosef Vaisman: this map is not from the 18th century. It can be
safely dated ca.
1867-1869 since it was produced after the "great fire" of 1867.
Additional "time markers" - Church of St Paraskeva on Lemberger gasse
(completed in 1864) and first two buildings of Jewish hospital north
of Synagogengasse (built in 1853).


And from David Glynn who tried a machine translation of the original
post on gr_czernowitz from the Ukrainian:
The source is: Maria Nikirsa, Nick Kushnir and Alexander
Dobrzhanskiy, "The
Jewish population and development of the Jewish national movement in
Bukovina from the last quarter of the 18c to the beginning of the 20c".
Edward Tur estimates the date of the map as 1865.

The Ukrainian/English translator that David used is here:

Anyway, there you have the collective wisdom and talents of this
remarkable group.

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