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Dear Ina
thank you for your generous offer I would love to
have a copy of the documents you have translated.
I appreciate your making these
documents accessible for those like me who would
not have been able to to read them otherwise. My
parents were survivors of Mogilev in Transnistria
and returned to Czernowitz after their time
there. I only heard bits and pieces about their
experiences and am always hungry to know more. It
helps me to understand them and to be able to see
them more clearly. I do appreciate all the
memories that other members of this list share as
well and I regret that I don't write more often
to express my gratitude and the eagerness with
which I read the many vivid and beautifully
written memories so thank you to other list
members as well for their generosity.

I admire your father's courage and am grateful to
him for these precious records. My father was
also named Naftali and loved the Yiddish language
so there is also a poignant reminder of him (both
my parents are dead now) in your gift.
Thank you again
Warm wishes

On 03/01/2008, at 1:51 PM,

>Dear Czernowitzers,
>In October, I wrote about two documents in
>Russian concerning the treatment of the
>Czernowitz Jews returning from Transnistria by
>the Soviet authorities following the Soviet
>takeover of the region. Many of you expressed
>interest in reading them in English. I have
>translated these documents, but, according to
>the rules of this list-serv, attachments are not
>allowed. If you are interested in receiving
>these documents please let me know, and I'll
>send them to your e-mail address.
>Here are some excerpts from my October e-mail:
>‚§¶ Report On Travel To Czernovitsy‚§ý, was
>written by my father, a Yiddish poet and writer
>Naftali Hertz Kon. In 1944, after the Soviets
>re-occupied Bukovina, he was sent by the Jewish
>Anti-Fascist Committee in Moscow, of which he
>was a member, to Czernowitz to write about the
>local Jewish resistance fighters who aided the
>Red Army in the war.
>What he found upon arriving in Czernowitz was so
>horrific that it had nearly eclipsed for him the
>story of the Jewish resistance. The ⤦ Report
>‚§ý describes these horrors in great detail to
>the leadership of the Anti-Fascist Committee.
>The copy of the report in my possession is a
>Russian translation of the Yiddish original,
>published by Lev Drobyasko in the Holocaust and
>Modern Times, March-April, 2003, No 2(8) ), a
>publication, I think, of the Kiev Institute of
>Judaica. Drobyasko, who I understand passed away
>recently, had unearthed the report while
>searching the archives of the Soviet Ukrainian
>Ministry of Internal Security.
>The report is a remarkable document on three
>accounts. First, gathering that type of material
>so openly critical of the Soviets, and then
>writing and submitting it, required for a Soviet
>citizen an enormous courage, a courage that my
>father must‚§ve known was practically suicidal.
>Second, treading precariously, my father
>peppered the text with standard Soviet
>phraseology, such us ⤦political education of
>the masses‚§ý, ‚§¶politically unproven
>elements,‚§ý and many others. Nevertheless, the
>ruse did little to save him from the scathing
>condemnation by the Soviet authorities, who
>classified it as ‚§¶scurrilous‚§ý,
>‚§¶hostile‚§ý, ‚§ýanti-Soviet‚§ý and such. And
>finally, the report was, quite possilby, the
>very first account of the plight of the Bukovina
>Jewish survivors at the hands of the Soviets in
>the immediate aftermath of the WWII.
>Ina Lancman
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