[Cz-L] Progress on 600th Anniv. presentation

From: jerome schatten <romers_at_shaw.ca>
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 22:13:21 -0800
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Czernowitzers... The presentation is essentially finished, although
we're still cleaning things up. The Holocaust section has been
completely redone as per your suggestions. We were able to do this as
more appropriate material became available. Other slides in other
sections have been added and some deleted. Some of the music has been
changed. The individual modules have been updated consistent with the
'total' file. We have gone through six iterations of the total
presentation and many more of the individual modules.

The result is now available as a menu item from the home page of the
website. It still takes you to the 'instructions' page. 'total6.ppt'
is the file you want to play. It has now been tested with the free
viewer, PP2003 and PP2007.

Hardy, Bruce and I thank all those who contributed time, energy, and
materials to this project. We ended up with many, many more pictures
than we could possibly use, and many more suggestions than we could
implement. All worthy of inclusion, but in the end, we needed to
close it out at about half an hour of running time.

It was interesting working on this project with someone on the other
side of the planet. We worked day and night: his day, my night; my
day, his night. We didn't always agree, and then we went to the Boss.
Best of all though, I was daily subjected to Hardy's relentless humour
and talent.

So that's it. We're almost there, now: Calling Czernowitz, calling
Czernowitz; come in Czernowitz. Over.

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