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Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 22:08:30 +0200
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Dear friends,
I managed to open all the eight files; everything is so fascinating and
exciting. I would like to especially congratulate Hardy, who did an
outstanding and fantastic job. Jerome and Bruce have also done a wonderful
job. Everything that was redone, compared to the previous proposal, turned
out to be the right thing to do, the background music, the holocaust
section, the "Zwinter" . I was especially impressed with the long list of
prominent Czernowitzers.
Again, to Hardy, Jerome and Bruce - Kol Hakavod.
All the best to all our fellow Czernowitzers.
Abraham Kogan

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> Czernowitzers... The presentation is essentially finished, although
> we're still cleaning things up. The Holocaust section has been completely
> redone as per your suggestions. We were able to do this as more
> appropriate material became available. Other slides in other sections
> have been added and some deleted. Some of the music has been changed. The
> individual modules have been updated consistent with the 'total' file. We
> have gone through six iterations of the total presentation and many more
> of the individual modules.
> The result is now available as a menu item from the home page of the
> website. It still takes you to the 'instructions' page. 'total6.ppt' is
> the file you want to play. It has now been tested with the free viewer,
> PP2003 and PP2007.
> Hardy, Bruce and I thank all those who contributed time, energy, and
> materials to this project. We ended up with many, many more pictures than
> we could possibly use, and many more suggestions than we could implement.
> All worthy of inclusion, but in the end, we needed to close it out at
> about half an hour of running time.
> It was interesting working on this project with someone on the other side
> of the planet. We worked day and night: his day, my night; my day, his
> night. We didn't always agree, and then we went to the Boss. Best of all
> though, I was daily subjected to Hardy's relentless humour and talent.
> So that's it. We're almost there, now: Calling Czernowitz, calling
> Czernowitz; come in Czernowitz. Over.
> Best,
> jerome
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