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Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 22:40:29 -0800
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I am looking forward to hearing more about Czernowitz now that I have added
my name to the listserve. My name is Charles Mittman. I am a 72 year old
retired physician/academic living in LaJolla, CA. Both my parents ( Bernard
Mittman and Sabina (later Sylvia) Klang) were born in Czernowitz, moved to
Chicago in mid 20s where they met and married. I am one of 3 sons, my
brothers are older and living. One brother and I are considering making the
trip to the 600 year celebration.
My parents lived in the same large apartment building in Czernowitz. A
Mittman brother (David) and a Klang brother ( Al ) were friends in
Czernowitz and introduced my parents when they came to the US. My parents
often talked about the apartment building where they lived --using the term
"Pitzykurtz " (?sp). I don't know if that was the name of the owner or of
the building. Both families were large. Klangs--sister Tilley moved to NYC,
Al, Frieda, Anna and my mother to Chicago along with their mother. Bessie
lived in Los Angeles and Herman left Europe last and had to go to Uruguay.
To my knowledge all the Mittmans moved to Chicago. Ralph David and Sylvia
and their parents. My grandfather was a carpenter in Europe.
We obviously would like to learn anything about the families.
Thank you, Charles Mittman
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