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My father (z"l), who was only the son of a Czernowitzer, was fluent in
at least 12 languages (English, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, French,
Spanish, Russian, Italian, Rumanian, Polish, Latin and Arabic). This,
he would say, was nothing compared to the number of languages his father

Larry Tauber

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In consequence of Rachel Cylus' question about language use in
Czernowitz, I looked up the school certificates of my father. In grade 5
and 6 of the Liceul #3 of Cernauti, in the years 1923 - 1925, my father

Romanian (also language of instruction)
Ancient Greek

Show this to modern pedagogues, who think that even one foreign language
is too much!

Consider that even the language of instruction was foreign, after all my
father spoke Yiddish at home.
In addition, like all Czernowitzers of his generation, he probably spoke
Ruthenian, necessary for communication with the villagers from the
surrounding area.

In 1940 he also learned Ukrainian and Russian well enough, to translate
a Mathematics textbook from Russian to Ukrainian and be awarded a prize
for the translation.

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