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From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 11:39:35 -0500
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Dear Friends:

When Dr. Ryding raised the issue of moving to a blog format, I took a
"wait and see" approach. I felt that it would be worth examining
other alternatives every so often, and I don't think this group will
"forever" be on a listserv. Nearly all who checked in expressing
their viewpoint were in favor of a continuation of the present
format. So, thank you folks for a good airing of the issues, and,
for the time being (next couple of years or more?), we'll accommodate
the wishes of the majority and stay with the present
e-mail/listserv/discussion group format.

I hope we can now return to more discussions revolving around the
history and genealogy of the Jewish communities of Sadagora and
Czernowitz. The recent thread on languages was excellent! Where
else can you learn so much about language uses (and abuses?) in
Czernowitz, than from those members among us who lived there between
the two world wars. Thanks so much for enlightening all of us
Bukovina descendants out here!

Best always,

Bruce Reisch

At 4:22 -0800 1/14/08, Matt Friedman wrote:
>For the record I support using the list format. It is
>well suited to our purposes. I have no problem with
>blogs. I read some regularly. It is good to have
>options. in this case I believe the the List to be
>the best option.

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