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Hi to everyone:

I usually just sit in the background and read all the fascinated e-mails.
I'm not Jewish, but my Grandmother was from Czernowitz and spoke Yiddish as

I wanted to tell everyone to go to Mr. Moishe Oysher is on
there and I think everyone would like to see and hear the different videos
relating to Jewish music.


Carol De Poy

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  The Ehpes has gone Musical !

      After having started from Genealogy the site became:

  Now the focus is on Music. Sounds and Lyrics. Yiddish .Old time.
     This I love. Most of all I like Moishe Oysher. As he is from our
      his Yiddish is my Yiddish. Nobody could sing Yiddish with such a flair

       Nobody could reproduce the Moldavic - Gipsy tunes tunes better than
        There were better, more famous tenors in Yiddish ( Jan Peerce and
       but nothing can reproduce the emotion i felt when I first heard
Oysher singing
        in his coarse wonderful voice the Chanuka Song (Dreidelsong) or Chad

         No wonder : he comes from our region ( Hotyn) and this is the
           of the Chassidic music with its Romanian -Gipsy origin.
          Has somebody got Oysher recordings ?
              Let us share.

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