[Cz-L] from Gary Rogovin your email of today regarding request from Tetyana Tatarchuk ( employee of CZ City Council) for further clarification of definitions used in CZ cemetery article

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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 13:48:58 -0800
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Dear Mr.Rindner,

Thank you for your email.

My understaning of Mr. Breier's original comment regarding the cemetery
on the CZ City website, was that he was as confused as I, with regard to the
meaning of the words accomplish, arrange and elaborate, as used in that
That is why I wrote to them requesting clarification. If I misinterpreted
Mr.Breier's comments, I apologize.

With regard to your comment "So reading a message like this makes sense to
therefore Czernowitzers should clearly be able to understand the City News
Announcement". unfortunately, I was not born in Czernowitz, but rather in
U.S. I speak only English, Spanish and some French. My mother was born in
Sadagura in 1911 and moved to CZ around 1920 with her parents and siblings,
where they lived until emigrating to the U.S. in 1929. My parents both
yiddish as children (my Mom in Europe, my Dad on the lower east side of
Manhattan), but never spoke it in our N.Y City home. As a matter of fact, my
mother spoke seven languages, her native language having been German. She
perfect English. There was not a trace of a German or any other accent, in

So please excuse my ignorance when it comes to Yiddish, Hebrew and Rumanian.
far as Ruthenian (Ukrainian), your family must have been of the wealthy and
privileged in CZ, because my mother's family had no servants.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a member of this discussion group,
I am learning much from all of you about CZ, it's people and customs, which
giving me a new perspective and appreciation of my Mother's life, as she was
growing up in Europe.

I feel that by learning as much about Sadagora and Czernowitz as I can, I am
paying tribute to her memory and bestowing upon her, my utmost respect.
for our parents is something which is sadly missing amongst many in our
generation of young people.

Thank you again for your comments, Mr.Rindner.

Gary Rogovin

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From: vonczernowitz_at_netscape.net
> I have re-read this message and I do not see the problem, it is crystal
> me.? Hardy had no problem understanding this e-mail.? If you were born in
> Czernowitz from early age you are multilingual.
> You speak Yiddish with your grandparents, German with your parents, if you
> brought up religious, you go to heder and learn Hebrew, school is taught
> Rumanian and you speak Ruthenian (Ukrainian) with the servants.? So
reading a
> message like this makes sense to us.
> Therefore Czernowitzers should clearly be able to understand the City News
> Announcement.
> Arthur Rindner
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