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This is addressed in particular to members of the list
living in the Herzliya area in Israel:

Apparently a retrospective exhibition of Bernard Reder's works
was held in the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in 1987.
I have no information as to who the curator of this exhibition was,
nor whether this museum has a particular interest in Reder.
Bruce Reisch and members of this list, have supplied me
with photographs of 21 gravestones in the Czernowitz
Jewish cemetery sculpted by Reder. Very likely there are more.
Since Reder is a famous artist, there being many gravestones
sculpted by him in the cemetery, might help influence the preservation
of the cemetery. If any of you would inquire at the Herzliya museum
about the curator of the 1987 exhibition, whether there is
a preservation fund for his works, whom I might consult about
a complete list of monuments he sculpted in Czernowitz, etc.
I would greatly appreciate it.

Shabbat Shalom,

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