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I have put online within my virtual museum a web page dedicated to the lyric
tenor from Czernowitz Josef Schmidt. This page falls under my site's banner
of "The Yiddish World," though a similar page will alsoexist within my
future "Czernowitz: Town with a Jewish Past" online exhibition. This later,
larger exhibition is being worked on slowly but surely, and I will announce
a preview of it, i.e. links to a number of web pages already constructed, in
the near future. Meanwhile, you may enjoy this one Schmidt page, while at
the same time listening to an audio (wave) file of Schmidt singing an aria
 from Korngold's "Die Tote Stadt." The clip is 8 MB long, so depending on the
speed your computer downloads, it might take ten seconds or a minute or
more. Good luck and enjoy.
The link to my Yiddish World's Josef Schmidt page can be found at

It seems that the composer Erich Wolfgang Korgold was Jewish. I just did a
search and found a website that deals with a show about Korngold, though I
haven't read through the entire site. The name of the show is "Farewell,
The description begins as follows:

"Farewell, Vienna!" is not just a story of fun under the sunny skies of
California. Korngold bitterly looks back on the Nazi takeover of Europe.
After the Anschluss (annexation) of Austria in 1938, he was forced into
exile in Hollywood. Propaganda Minister Goebbels branded Korngold's works
Entartete Musik (Degenerate Music), because the composer was a Jew. The
audience will feel Korngold's heartbreak as he tells of the fate of his last
opera, Die Katrin. This work was trashed by the anti-Semitic press at its
premiere. Soon his works were effectively banished from Europe's stages,
ironically leaving him later to be mistakenly labeled a composer of mere
"movie music." Like many expatriate artists who had escaped the war's
carnage by living abroad, Korngold never fully recovered his reputation from
the prejudice which shrouded his works during those nightmarish years...

The link to site is http://www.korngold.com/production9.htm in case you are

Steve Lasky
New York
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