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Dear All,
Following is a quote from a post from Maita Prout, our only
contact in Czernowitz ,directly involved in the Jewish Museum

"This was followed by a presentation by Ms. Shevchenko explaining
the nature of the exhibit. Mimi is correct that the exhibit focuses on
pre-war culture. It will not include the holocaust. The person who was
translating for me said that the explanation given by the executive director
is that his vision is to exhibit pre-war Jewish life and culture, not to
focus on death."

   What this means is clear :
    The history of Czernowitz Jewry ,as shown by the Museum ,will end
    in 1940 - before the tragic events ,that ended the Jewish presence
    took place.
      There will not be stories of shooting of Jews ,Temple burning,
Ghetto, Transnistria , and mass emigration
       ,the most fateful events of our history.
         They are willing to show pictures of family reunions, weddings,
        schools , smiling faces .
           As all of the Ephes pictures have been put to their disposal
            you, as contributors, should know .

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