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With the help and initiative of Christian Hermann I have approached
UForum, a Ukrainian organization of volunteers in Lviv and asked that
they clear the Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery. They have tentatively agreed
to do so this year. The mayor of Chernivtsi has pledged his cooperation.
I am currently in the process of applying to volunteer organizations
in Germany in the hope that one of them will do the same next year.

The Czernowitz Jewish cemetery measures about 62500 square meter.
If we assume that one person can clean 12 square meters in one hour
and will work 6 hours a day, it will require about 40 people working
20 days, to clear the cemetery of weeds.

I do not know how many volunteers the UForum will be able to send,
but if any members of this list can persuade any additional organizations
to send more volunteers, now that we have the cooperation of the mayor,
it definitely is worth trying to have additional volunteers help in
this project.


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> Dear Jerome,
> This is very encouraging and a very honorable enterprise. Of course,
> the size of the cemetery in Yurburg, Lithuania is rather
> "manageable", one wonders how many persons would be needed to clear
> the Czernowitz one. Maybe we should write to Rabbi Boraz for advice,
> maybe there are other similar Hillel enterprises.
> All in all, a beautiful story which renders faith in human nature.
> Gabriele
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