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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 13:15:54 +0200
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Hi all,
  I was anticipating your understandable disappointment about the exhibition
focusing on pre-war Chernowitz. I will pass along your sentiments.
  As for the cemetery, I have been told that whatever department is in
charge of the cemetery has a "plan" of what needs to be done and possibly a
budget. It is being translated for my benefit. Until I see it, I would be
speculating about it's contents. But I will certainly pass along any
information I receive.
  I decided a few months ago to take a look at the cemetery myself. There
is a Jewish cemetery indicated on a map of the city I have. The cemetery is
in Sadgora, so I found a marshrutka and took a ride. The cemetery is in a
lovely location, but in poor condition. A few weeks later I arranged to
visit the cemetery with someone in the Jewish community, and was surprised
to be taken to a cemetery near the town center, and across the street from
the Christian cemetery. This Jewish cemetery is even more overgrown that
the cemetery in Sadgora, and is huge (9 hectares). So, there are at least
two Jewish cemeteries.
Maita Prout
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