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Thank you Mimi for suggesting that this be posted on the Cz list.
Czernowitz: 100 Years Later is the theme of the Twelfth International
Association of Yiddish Clubs Conference at the Marriott Hotel in La Jolla,
California October 24-27, 2008.
Prof. Meinhard Mayer and Prof. Julius Scherzer both were born and spent
their youth in Cz. Prof. Mayer will speak on the Yiddish and German Poets o=
Cz and Prof. Scherzerıs topic will be Growing up in Cz.
The first keynote address will be by Boris Sandler, editor of the Yiddish
forward, Di evolutsye fun der yidisher literatur nokh der tshernovitser
konferents biz haynt. The second one will be by Dr. Morl Reosenbush, former
chair of the Russian Department at the U of NH and a lead contributor to th=
new Yiddish Dictionary, "der aroysfoder fun yidish"/The Challenge of
Yiddish. The final keynote will be by the worldıs leading Yiddish
musicologist/ethnographer, Yale Strom, Labushnik Loshn: The Secret Language
of the Klezmers.
See <http://www.derbay.org/lajolla/> or call Fishl

mit frayndshaft,


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