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For anyone who might be interested in the above conference, I am
attaching the program.

Simon Kreindler

Preliminary Programme

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Greetings from York University and the Centre for Jewish Studies

Keynote Address
Ezra Mendelsohn (Hebrew University), “Yiddish and Yiddishism, Language and Language Ideology”

3.30-5.30 pm
1. Yiddish as National and Transnational Culture

Cecile Kuznitz (Bard College), “A National Language for a Stateless People: Yiddish between Empire and Nation-State”

Jess Olson (Yeshiva University), “Israel geht vor Zion: Nathan Birnbaum, Nationalism, and Politics Reconsidered in the 1908 Yiddish Language Conference”

Matthew Hoffman (Franklin and Marshall College), “From Czernowitz to Paris: The International Yiddish Culture Congress of 1937”

Rebecca Margolis (University of Ottawa), “Yiddishism in Canadian Garb”


2. Y.L. Peretz and Politics

Marc Caplan (Johns Hopkins University), “Y. L. Peretz and the Politics of Yiddish”

Marie Schumacher-Brunhes (University of Lille III (France), “Peretz’s Commitment for Yiddish in Czernowitz: ‘A thousand times yes, but...’”

Michael Steinlauf (Gratz College), "Hope and Fear: Y. L. Peretz in 1905-06"

7.30 pm

Banquet for conference participants

Monday, 14 April 2008

10am-12 pm

3. (Re)Configurations of Jewish Language, Tradition, and Identity

Kalman Weiser (York University), “A Religious Heretic in the Secular Camp: the Orthodox Anti-Yiddishism of Solomon Birnbaum”

Nancy Sinkoff (Rutgers University), "Contesting Secularism: Nathan Birnbaum and Lucy S. Dawidowicz”

Rakhmiel Peltz (Drexel University), “From Native Standards to Self-Conscious Yiddish Language Planning”

Jerold C. Frakes (SUNY-Buffalo), “Nationalism and Romantico-Biological Conceptions of Language at the Czernowitz Conference.”




Remarks in Honour of Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter, Czernowitz Native and Champion of Yiddish

Sheva Zucker


4. Czernowitz and the Arts
inda (Leye) Lipsky (York University), “Der oyle-regls a tokhter: The Poetic Pilgrimage of Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman”

Philip Hollander (Tulane University), “Reclaiming Czernowitz in Aharon Appelfeld’s Pirhei haafelah”

Zachary Baker (Stanford University), “The Painter as Ethnographer: Maurycy Minkowski and the East European Yiddish Intelligentsia before World War I”


Concluding Remarks

[Some additional information may be found here: <http://www.yorku.ca/human/events.html>, Moderator Bruce]
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