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Subject: partenership from Romanaia

Dear Mister Hardy Breier,

I am writing from Romania and I am the president of “Traian Popovici
Association for Education, democracy and tolerance”, composed in majority=
 from teachers, which was created few weeks ago. This organization proposes=
itself to promote Traian Popovici‘s exemplary gesture.

I contact you in the name of the Association because this week I found on=
the internet a ppt. presentation which belongs to you. It is a presentation=
about on Traian Popovici’s strong personality, in which you name him “t=
saint of Czernowitz”. I was glad when I found this material because I hav=
been looking for someone who survived thanks to mayor Traian Popovici.

I dare to contact you with the desire to collaborate, trying to realize
together a common goal > the popularization of the Traian Popovici’s
implication for the diminution of the Holocaust effects. I hope you agree=
with this aspect and you will help us for this because I need you.

The headoffice of the Association is in Fundu Moldovei, Suceava district, a=
village in which there is Traian Popovici’s tomb. We wish we would built =
a bust in the nearly future. In October, this year, we are going to
organize, in connection with The Holocaust Survivors Association, Ellie
Wiesel Institute and Jewish Federation from Romania, a symposium in
Cimpulung Moldovenesc about Holocaust and Traian Popovici.

We think that it is important that your Czernowitz community to be involved=
in our project. The success of the manifestation depends on the gratitude o=
those who benefited by his implication too. I hope that we will be able to=
realize a partnership to promote the active tolerance according to what
Traian Popovici made.

Best wishes,

Teacher Lehaci Florentin

The president of “Traian Popovici Association for Education, democracy an=
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