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Dear List,
While some I am sure have equal concerns about the Sadagora cemetery,
which I have seen, my comments here concern the Czernowitz cemetery.
The news of a cleanup finally, is wonderful. Glad to hear that the
city is willing to do that much. the question of course remains,
whether we will allow the overgrowth to return in a couple of years.
Many of you know that I have tried a number of different ways to get
the group to act in this direction. It seems to me, that with a group
this size, it would take a minimum investment by each to establish a
fund that could care for our ancestors final resting place on an on
going basis.

While I am lucky enough to have a son who is interested in this, I
would guess that the further in time we get from the lives we and our
ancestors led in Czernowitz, the less interest in preserving this
cemetery will insue. During this time, where the city is getting
involved (a situation that many would have doubted a few months ago),
we should act. If not now, when?

I would be more than willing to lead or assist in such an effort, but
not unless I can see a lot of support from this list.

Bruce Wexler
Jackson, NJ
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