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From: Marianne Hirsch <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 22:55:21 -0400
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Dear Mimi, could you forward us Natalya Shevtchenco's address? I
would suggest that, to simplify matters, she send a list of photos she
wishes to use to the list as a whole, and that individuals respond to
grant permission or not. I am sure we all feel differently about this
and there is absolutely no need to make a blanket decision, nor do I
think any one of us should either grant or refuse permission on behalf
of otehrs on the list. As far as rights are concerned, I do believe
that print publications need to request rights, at least according to
US copyright laws.

best, Marianne

On Mar 21, 2008, at 9:48 PM, wrote:

> Dear Czernowitzers,
> Because I was eager to make sure that Natalya Shevchenko
> would feel free to use the photographs on the "ehpes" website
> for the exhibition in the Jewish museum, but because I thought
> that some of us who had originally contributed this material
> might not be happy if it was used for publication in
> a printed format, I wrote Natalya, that she should feel free
> to use this material for the exhibit, but not for publication
> in printed format.
> I have received an answer, in which Natalya Shevchenko writes:
> ------------------------------------------------------
> it appears that I was mistaken in my understanding
> of the restrictions with respect to use of your electronic archive
> and have taken an unwarranted liberty as a result.
> Here is the crux of the matter.
> In connection with our city?s 600th anniversary,
> a large commemorative album with
> photographs from the 20th century of all kinds of residents
> of Czernovtsi is being assembled. Of particular value
> in this project are family and genre photographs. I had
> been asked to approach you for permission to use photographs
> from your site in the album. I do not know exactly
> which photographs would be included, but a blanket form
> of permission to print any photographs on these sites was sought.
> And not having thoroughly understood the details of your letter,
> I granted them permission to use the photographs from the site.
> Now I realize that I have made a mistake inasmuch as your letter
> mentions only use in the museum. If I understand correctly,
> you give permission to use the photographs for museum expositions
> or exhibits only.
> To be perfectly frank, it?s a pity. It?s a pity that we cannot
> print some photographs from this site in the album.
> I personally have contributed several photographs from
> our family archive, although nobody has guaranteed
> that they will end up in the final version of the commemorative album.
> It is a massive project with materials contributed
> from all ends of the world. And it would truly be a pity
> if America and your generation were not represented in this group
> portrait of the city.
> ---------------------------------------
> I do not know how everyone who has contributed photographs
> to the "ehpes" website, feels about this. Nor do I know
> what our legal rights in this respect are.
> If there is a lawyer in this list, please advise us.
> Personally, I would NOT like the photographs, I contributed,
> to be included in such an album.
> I have as yet not answered Mrs. Shevchenko.
> Please write me, if you want me to include your reaction in my letter.
> Mimi

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