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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 17:41:14 -0400
To: Marianne Hirsch <>
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

In answer to Marianne and others who have asked me to send them
or the list, the Email address of Natalya Shevchenko:

I do not think I have the right to divulge her Email address,
unless I get her permission to do so.

So that there is no misunderstanding of what I wrote to Mrs. Shevchenko,
Here is a copy of my original letter to her:

> I want to say that you have my consent, to use any
> of my photographs and documents displayed on the "ehpes" website,
> for the planned exhibit and for any other exhibit planned
> for the Jewish museum, but not for publication in any printed material.
> I have in my possession school certificates, university certificates,
> marriage license, census certificates, dated between 1900 and 1945,
> which I am willing to send you copies of. I also have more photographs
> of the same period. Please let me know what you are interested in.
> Other members of the Czernowitz-List, will similarly be glad
> to assist you in any way they can.

I have previously sent the list Mrs. Shevchenko's answer.

Here is what I then wrote her in reply:

> I have written to the Czernowitz List and told the members
> of the list about the proposed album the city of Chernivtsi
> intends to publish. I do not know if many will object or not.
> I do know that some people intend to publish their memoirs
> themselves.
> These people will not be happy to have their photographs
> published in the album.

I do not speak or write Russian, she does not speak nor write English.
I had to have my letters to her and hers to me translated.
Therefore I cannot maintain a frequent correspondence with her.

But I will write her, that only some people may object to the use
of the photographs on the "ehpes" website for the proposed album and also
ask her whether I have her permission to divulge her Email address to
members of the Cz.-List.

Shabbat Shalom,


> Dear Mimi, could you forward us Natalya Shevtchenco's address? I
> would suggest that, to simplify matters, she send a list of photos she
> wishes to use to the list as a whole, and that individuals respond to
> grant permission or not. I am sure we all feel differently about this
> and there is absolutely no need to make a blanket decision, nor do I
> think any one of us should either grant or refuse permission on behalf
> of otehrs on the list. As far as rights are concerned, I do believe
> that print publications need to request rights, at least according to
> US copyright laws.
> best, Marianne
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