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Dear Czernowitzers,

for those of you living in Israel, please allow me to draw your attention t=
the documentary film “The sound of words³. The film basically deals wit=
h the
meaning of the mother language, especially for those who had to leave their
homes and went on living with a language they didn¹t grow up with. The fi=
is build around the literary circle LYRIS, a group of poets who live in
Jerusalem and meet once a month to read out their poetry to each other. The=
write in German, their mother tongue, which obviously makes things
complicated, since it is also the language of the perpetrators ­ the film
talks about this inner conflict. Out of this group, Ilana Shmueli, Manfred
Winkler and Dorothea Sella are from Czernowitz. There is a longer passage i=
the film where Ilana Shmueli talks about her childhood in Czernowitz. She
knew poets Paul Celan and Rose Ausländer as a child and met them later ag=
in the ghetto, where they already used to read their poetry to each other.
Moreover, the films asks the generation of the grandchildren about their
relation to the roots of the grandparents.

The film will be shown at the Jerusalem cinemateque on March 25th at 17.00
o¹ clock and at the Tel Aviv cinematheque on Saturday 29th at 13.00 o¹
clock. I will be present at this screening. The film will be shown in Germa=
language with Hebrew subtitles.

For those of you not living in Israel, I¹ll be happy to make the English
version available as soon as it¹s produced.

Best regards,
Gerhard Schick

Gerhard Schick
Landgrafenstr. 49
50931 Köln
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