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   Hi All,
    I have an idea : Let us name the new Museum :
 " Traian Popovici Memorial Museum of the Czernowitz Jewish Community".
     Please note that I said : "Let us name .." in our hearts.
      Nobody worthier to be memorialized by us ,Czernowitzer.
      But this is not going to happen.
       The City of Czernowitz didnt find Popovici's name worthy to be
         memorialized . And why so ? Because he saved Jews ? Yess !
           Not a plaque, not a street name -wiped out of Czernowitz history.
           In the high Carpathian mountains ,in a godforsaken village
     they call Fundu Moldovei , rests Traian Popovici in the churchyard
     by his parents.
       Now a new "Association for Education ,Democracy and Tolerance "
       has been created in Fundu Moldovei and they focus on Popovici's
       exemplary personality. No nobler motive . We should know.
        The subject is Popovici's stand in our darkest time.
           He was a drop of hope in an ocean of despair.
             Young Rumanians come to listen and learn.

             Now you, Czernowitzer wanderer , if you happen to be in
        Suceava , take a cab and go to Fundu Moldovei.
             It is on the road to Vatra Dornei, up in the hills, about
           an hours drive..
               Put some flowers on his grave and remember.
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