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Dear Ms.Friedman,

I just read your email to the forum requesting help in locating "Willachia" and noticed that one of the Czernowitz list members, Mr. Hardy Breier (email: HARDY3_at_BEZEQINT.NET ), today posted on the CZ-L forum under the subject line "[Cz-L] Fundu Moldovei", directions on how to visit the tomb of T. Popovichi in Fundu Moldevi, in which he mentions Walachia, which may be the same place you refer to as Willachia.

I would suggest that you contact Mr. Breier directly to inquire if he might be able to assist you.

Good luck in your search.

Gary Rogovin

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> Dear Friends,
> I have been doing genealogy for about 15 years and in one instance haven't
> been able to move from this one spot. All and I do mean all the papers from
> my grandparents, their siblings and assorted family all list Willachia as
> their home. I finally came to realize that Willachia is not a town at all and
> this is where my question comes in....How can I find out which town my family
> came from. Please understand that everyone in our family who came from
> Europe are all deceased and even the few children of this decedents have no
> information. How would I go about finding the town of origin of my
> grandparents?
> Thank you so much,
> Lois Friedman
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