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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Traian Popovici saved us, Czernowitz Jews from death.
We owe him and our conscience a debt of gratitude.
The best way to show this gratitude, is to commemorate his actions.
Let's collect money and put up a plaque in Chernivtsi in a public place
commemorating his deeds.


> Dear Bruce,
> My family and myself we also escaped deportation to Transnistria due to
> Traian Popovici ( I was the first child born in the Czernowitz Ghetto!).
> Both my late Parents spoke about him with high respect and characterized him
> as a decent and courageous person.
> That he was buried in his town in the churchyard
> by his parents is a fact, but being memorialized in this godforsaken village
> they even call Fundu Moldovei (the name sais it all!) is a shame!
> The idea of naming the new Museum
> "Traian Popovici Memorial Museum of the Czernowitz Jewish Community" is a
> very good idea and is a suitable way of memorializing him and his deeds.
> If ex-Czernowitzers want to participate in activities of the 600 years of
> Czernowitz, honoring Traian Popovici must be asserted, his name can not be
> wiped out of Czernowitz history!
> The City of Czernowitz by ignoring Traian Popovici just shows that they want
> everybody to ignore what happened to Jews in Czernowitz and only want to
> concentrate on the "klein Wien" as part of the jewish population...I
> personally think that if Traian Popvici's memory is not honoured,
> ex-Czernowitzer jews must ignore the festivities! Otherwise we are playing
> their game of negation of those dark years.
> Gaby is right, if to participate in a way or another to festivities the
> Jewish Museum in Czernowitz must show reality, not ...romances!!! Otherwise
> it is denying the Holocaust!
> This has nothing to do with putting a flower on Traian Popovici's grave in
> Fundul Moldovei! He was righteous!
> Dr. Jolie Weininger

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