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Dear Bruce,
My family and myself we also escaped deportation to Transnistria due to
Traian Popovici ( I was the first child born in the Czernowitz Ghetto!).
Both my late Parents spoke about him with high respect and characterized him
as a decent and courageous person.
That he was buried in his town in the churchyard
by his parents is a fact, but being memorialized in this godforsaken village
they even call Fundu Moldovei (the name sais it all!) is a shame!
The idea of naming the new Museum
 "Traian Popovici Memorial Museum of the Czernowitz Jewish Community" is a
very good idea and is a suitable way of memorializing him and his deeds.
If ex-Czernowitzers want to participate in activities of the 600 years of
Czernowitz, honoring Traian Popovici must be asserted, his name can not be
wiped out of Czernowitz history!
The City of Czernowitz by ignoring Traian Popovici just shows that they want
everybody to ignore what happened to Jews in Czernowitz and only want to
concentrate on the "klein Wien" as part of the jewish population...I
personally think that if Traian Popvici's memory is not honoured,
ex-Czernowitzer jews must ignore the festivities! Otherwise we are playing
their game of negation of those dark years.
Gaby is right, if to participate in a way or another to festivities the
Jewish Museum in Czernowitz must show reality, not ...romances!!! Otherwise
it is denying the Holocaust!
This has nothing to do with putting a flower on Traian Popovici's grave in
Fundul Moldovei! He was righteous!

Dr. Jolie Weininger
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