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My mother, Pearl Spiegel Fichman, wrote in her memoirs, Before Memories
Fade, on p. 81:

"Popovici, a decent man, who had lived all his life in Czernovitz and was
friendly toward the Jewish population, got the consent from Bucharest to
dismantle the Ghetto and everybody to receive a permit signed by him."
Eytan Fichman

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Dear Jolie,
Popovici is memorialized by his people where and how they like.
Doing it by his grave is only right.
Remember , they pay tribute to his courage and honesty, not to us -
the Jews he saved.
Before this there was nothing in his memory, nothing !
For this we should be grateful.
So there is absolutely no shame in this. Nor in the village name.
Remember , Lourdes was a shabby little village not so long ago

Not memorializing Popovici in Czernowitz is a disgrace ,
but this has nothing to do with the Museum .
They systematically and successfully wipe out Jewish history
 from Czernowitz.
First they attributed this to Soviet rule -orders from the
Now they are independent - to what effect ? Nothing
Sad but true,

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