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Dear Frank:

If Max was born in Wama, I believe the records
would be in the State Archives in Suceava. Prof.
Gyemant has said that Cimpulung records for
1857-1893 are held in Suceava.

For the 1859 marriage record of Israel and
Raschel, I'm not sure you'll find it. The
Czernowitz marriage record files (microfilmed by
the LDS Family History Library) begin in 1867.
However, many marriages were performed by Rabbis
in Bukowina but registered years later with the
Kultusgemeinde. So you may be in luck if the
1859 marriage was registered after 1867. In the
online Family History Library catalog, there is
no index for the period 1867-1876, but you might
wish to start with Microfilm 2395722 which holds
the marriage indices for the period 1877-1922.
See: <>.

The 1843 birth record of Raschel - you're
probably out of luck on this one; birth records
are available in the FHL library for 1860 forward.

If you're interested in Wien/Vienna records, the
FHL has a very large collection of records for
the Jewish congregation. See:

I hope this helps,


>Dear List,
>My grandfather Max GRÜNBAUM was born 1865 in the
>Bukovina, He died 1907 in Vienna as my mother
>was only ten years old. There is not much known
>about him. He was a jurist, working as an
>estate-steward in the Bukovina and was not much
>with his family in Vienna. I found a Max
>Grünbaum on the list of students of the k. und
>k. Ober-Gymnasium of Czernowitz. It could be
>him. In different documents it was stated that
>he was "zuständig nach" Wama, Czernowitz. But
>last November I had a look in the
>"Todesfallaufnahme" /
>"Verlassenschaftsabhandung" at the Stadt- und
>Landes Archiv in Vienna and learned that he was
>born in Wama, Kompalung. (today Vama, Rumenia).
>His parents, my great grandparents are born in
>Czernowitz and married
>1 GRÜNBAUM, Israel; b:Czernowitz, Bukowina
>+ TUTTMANN, Raschel; b:05.01.1843 Czernowitz,
>Bukowina; m:18.11.1859 Czernowitz, Bukowina
> 2 GRÜNBAUM, Maximilian; b:1865 Vama,
>Kompalung,Bukowina; d:28.09.1917 Wien, Austria
>.. + KLAFL, Zäzilia b:26.09.1866 Moritzreith,
>Austria; d:12.03.1941 Wien, Austria
>..... 3 GRÜNBAUM, Maximilian Franz;
>b:27.04.1895 Wien, Austria; d:13.11.1943 Wien,
>..... 3 GRÜNBAUM, Cäzilie Anna; b:13.10.1898
>Wien, Austria; d:31.12.1978 Wien, Austria
>..... 3 GRÜNBAUM, Emmerich Engelbert;
>b:08.10.1902 Wien, Austria; d:03.05.1955 Wien,
>..... 3 GRÜNBAUM, Maria Josefine; b:17.04.1907
>Wien, Austria; d:07.07.1978 Hilversum,
>Netherlands My questions to the list are:
>Where can I find the birthregisters to see the
>entries of Max (1865) and his mother Raschel
>(1843) ?
>Where can I find the marriageregister to see the
>entry of the marriage (1859) of my great
>grandparents in Czernowitz?
>Are there any other Bukovina sources, like
>census, to find more of this family?
>Thanks for your attention.
>Frank Feiner, Rotterdam, NL <>
>Austria, West Slovakia, Hungary, Bukovina.

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