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Guten Morgen, Buna Ziua Everybody!
  Regarding Traian Popovici, the Romanian Schindler – (I was born on Strada Traian in Cz and lived there for 11-1/2 years) – it seems to me that not only would it be right for us as a group to formally honor the man but there would be substantial PR values to be gained by Czernowitz and Bukovina and the Ukraine and as well, of course, as by Romania, since he was Romanian.
  We can overlook the petty machinations of Chernivtsi’s civic officials and deal with the matter on an international basis.
  We should take formal steps with a specific proposal or petition to all who matter – seeking formal recognition (that doesn’t cost them anything) and perhaps funds for a monument in an appropriate locale.
  Then we can watch the good folks in his little village and the Cz bunch fight it out as to where the monument should be placed.
  Our proposal should go to the appropriate ministries in the Ukraine and in Romania, to the local authorities in his little village, to the Congressmen and Senators representing each of us who live in the U.S. and to our Members of Parliament representing those of us in Canada and in the U.K. as well to the appropriate ones in Germany and Israel and wherever any of our group live. The Austrian government should also be petitioned and I would even send a copy to UNESCO.
  In our proposal we should point out to all governments that since Popovici operated out of Cernauti which is now Chernivtsi and it is celebrating its 600th anniversary, the time is perfect for this long overdue recognition of a great man.
  His story deserves to be told to the world, not just to the three dozen who might visit poor little Czernowitz this year. Let Chernivtsi’s bunch then run fast to see if they can catch the bandwagon and get on it.
  Our petition, of course, should concurrently go to all the wire services because the Traian Popovici story is a good one that would be of interest to all media.
  We might even get Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran to declare that there never was a Traian Popovici - that would bring added publicity to the cause.
  All the best,
  Andy Halmay
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