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Dear Berti,

Thank you very much for this information.
The cooperation of the Metropolit Tit Simedrea in hiding Jews during
the holocaust, was mentioned previously by a message to this list.
If anyone could point me to the particular message or any other information,
regarding the metropolit's actions during WW2, I would be most grateful.


> He practiced law sometimes in the 1930th in Czernowitz too. As far as I
> remember from my father who new him personally, his office was somewhere
> near the Austria Platz near the Gericht. I knew his younger brother Jenica
> well (neighbor in Albertinengasse) who during the war was a captain in the
> Rumanian army (intelligence). A friend of mine tried to find his descendants
> in order to get information about the metropolit Tit Simedrea who probably
> helped Popovici in the Jewish causa, but was not successful.
> There is now an English version of the appeal to contribute for his bust in
> Fundu Moldovei. You can find it under AERVA Appeal (English version) at the
> site I mentioned some weeks ago,
> &Itemid=34
> it includes a short biography and Traian's photo.
> Berti
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