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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 01:27:49 -0400
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Some members of this list insist on blaming Natalya Shevchenko
for the omission of the Holocaust from the Chernivtsi Jewish Museum.
We have had it confirmed by Bruce Reisch, that the decision to omit
the holocaust, was taken by Mr. Josef Zissels, yet no one objects,
when accusations are leveled at the wrong person.

If you have questions or objections, write to Mr. Zissels,
send your inquiries to where they are likely to do most good.
Write him at: <vaad-ua_at_ukr.net>
Or at: <josefz_at_svitonline.com>

The following is a copy of what I wrote him on March 27th:


I believe that you as the Chairman of the General Council of the
Euro-Asian Congress, initiated the idea of a Jewish museum
and exhibition in Chernivtsi. I also believe that it is your decision
to omit any mention of the fate of Czernowitz Jews during WW2.

This museum and this exhibition are the only ones of their kind
in the world, which will have as their sole theme, the life and culture
of the Jews of Czernowitz/Cernauti. As such, this museum and exhibition,
cannot be only a museum of Ethnography or Anthropology, it has to be
a museum devoted to the culture AND history of the Jews of Czernowitz.
Our culture did not develop in a vacuum, nor did it cease to exist,
for no reason. If the museum and exhibition will ignore the events of WW2,
It will ignore the truth.


Miriam Taylor
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