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Dear Cz friends,
I want to share with you a wonderful experience I had in Boca Raton this
past month. While touring Florida Atlantic University with my friend Shirley
Gerzon (who is the Director of Development at FAU) I came upon their Judaica
Sound Archives (JSA) and met Aaron D. Kula, Director of Collections. I will
summarize what is being done there, and why I am so excited. Please take a look
at their web site below and follow up on your own if you are interested or
want to get involved:
      I walked into the library and was greeted by a floor-model, oak record
player. Shirley started up the record that was already on it; Rumania,
Rumania!!! Memories came flooding back to me as I saw my grandmother Bessie,
dancing alone in the middle of her Bronx living room. "Grandma, why do you keep
playing that record over and over again," I'd ask. "Because I miss my
country, my home" she would answer. with tears in her eyes.
        I stood in that austere library at FAU crying, so embarrassed.
Shirley said it was okay because..."they all cry."
       Taken from their brochure: "There was a time when music and humor
filled the streets of Jewish immigrant neighborhoods, Yiddish theater....." The
JSA preserves the recorded sounds of the past for generations of the future.
 At FAU they locate and solicit donations of Judaica sound recordings (and
sheet music from Jewish theatre etc.) in order to collect, preserve and
promote the study and enjoyment of (Judaica sound recordings) Mr. Kula noted they
are specifically looking for music from Eastern Europe. I saw people at
desks slowly and carefully transcribing old sheet music. I saw a 'home-made"
looking machine they had developed to clean old records. I saw stacks and stacks
of record albums and sheets of Jewish music sent from all over the world.
If you would like to know about this inspiring and important work, their
website is:
 (http://www.fau.edu/jsa) and the director's email is:
Best regards,
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