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Hi. I vote for full cooperation, and there is a parallel to this story. =
Asyou can see from my photos a lot of my family were Austrian military. So,w=
heneveri am in Vienna I head for their army museum which has a fascinating c=
ollection of items including some marvellous paintings. But,for yrs no ww2 =
section, probably out of shame/guilt due Austrian Nazis. I and many others k=
ept on nagging...and lo and behold. There is now a no holds barred hall cove=
ring ww2, Austrian Nazis included. Knowing the part some Ukrainians played =
I can understand his desire to go slow at first. I also think that gradually=
 he probably will be able to take over more of that building to use as exhib=
ition space. I also must say that I very much disagree with hardy that the h=
olocaust is more important than anything else...the 100s of yrs of jewish li=
fe before are equally important. Regards to all, cornel

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Dear Friends:

We welcome the good news from Ms. Lenchovska about the inclusion of
the holocaust period in the Museum. We would like to receive your
comments, pro and con, via the group. Once we know further how
members of our group feel about taking part in efforts to craft the
exhibit, we will then respond to Ms. Lenchovska and ask that our
wishes be transmitted to Mr. Zissels.

So let us know - do you feel we should offer our full support toward
the development of the Museum, or are there still reservations?

Jerome and I both feel that your letters have been responsible for
not only a clarification of everyone's position, but in return, it
seems we've been able to have our major concerns addressed.

It is important if we are going to speak as 'the List', that we move
forward in a unified manner. So if you do have lingering
reservations, let's discuss them now so when we respond to Ms.
Lenchovska and Mr. Zissels, we have reasonable consensus.

Bruce Reisch (list owner)
Jerome Schatten (Cz-L webmaster)
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