Re: [Cz-L] Jewish Museum in Czernowits

From: Merle Kastner <>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 06:53:25 -0400
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Dear Bruce, Jerome and list members,

We have just seen a welcome and conciliatory step
in the right direction and feel that it should be given
all that it deserves.

I believe we have to move forward and offer our
full support, in the hope that the museum will grow
and flourish, a tribute to the formerly vibrant Jewish
community and a memorial to its tragic demise.

Merle Kastner

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> Dear Friends:
> We welcome the good news from Ms. Lenchovska about the inclusion of
> the holocaust period in the Museum. We would like to receive your
> comments, pro and con, via the group. Once we know further how
> members of our group feel about taking part in efforts to craft the
> exhibit, we will then respond to Ms. Lenchovska and ask that our
> wishes be transmitted to Mr. Zissels.
> So let us know - do you feel we should offer our full support toward
> the development of the Museum, or are there still reservations?
> Jerome and I both feel that your letters have been responsible for
> not only a clarification of everyone's position, but in return, it
> seems we've been able to have our major concerns addressed.
> It is important if we are going to speak as 'the List', that we move
> forward in a unified manner. So if you do have lingering
> reservations, let's discuss them now so when we respond to Ms.
> Lenchovska and Mr. Zissels, we have reasonable consensus.
> Bruce Reisch (list owner)
> Jerome Schatten (Cz-L webmaster)

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