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Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 09:32:03 -0400
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Dear List,

this is my very first mailing in this forum and
first of all I would like to point out my
admiration for the excellent and dedicated work,
that members of the Czernowitz Discussion Group
are doing. Encouraged by Bruce Reisch, I would
like to introduce myself to the group.

My name is Edgar Hauster (alias Silber, alias
Hausthor, see below). I am 50 years old, former
manager of an international group and living in
the Netherlands, close to the German border. I've
spent my childhood in Bucharest/Romania and moved
in 1969 - together with my parents - to Germany.
I am a enthusiastic (motor-)biker, travelling
across Europe and the rest of the world.

About six months ago, I've started to explore my
family roots, being as least in equal measure
interested in the historical coherences of
(Jewish) life in Bukowina and Bessarabia. My
father, Julius Hauster, was born 1912 in
Czernowitz. His parents, Elias Hauster, born in
1878, a former municipality building officer of
Czernowitz, and Marjem Hauster (Fleischer), born
in 1883, were survivors of the Holocaust in
Czernowitz and Transnistria. After WW2 they were
repatriated to Radautz, where they lived in
unutterable conditions. During that period (1946
- 1949), they wrote about 143 letters (in
[Sütterlin]-German) to her son, my father, Julius
Hauster. Maximilian (Marcel) Hauster, his
brother, has been murdered in Auschwitz in 1943.

Let me summarize out the results of my first
approach, which may be of interest for the group

you will find the letters of my grandparents from
1946 - 1949, wrote under exceedingly difficult
conditions, being about the Aliya, politics in
Romania, Russia, Palestine, Transnistria,
Czernowitz, Auschwitz, Radautz, etc., etc., etc.

you will find my family history, a site, which is
still under construction and will be developed
subject to the results of the works being

I've translated the Executive Summary of the
Final Report of the International Commission on
the Holocaust in Romania (Wiesel Commission) from
Romanian to German. As you probably notice, my
English is not very good and far from my German
or Romanian. I've translated the Summary in order
to get a general idea of the historical context.
My translation contains, unlike the original, a
lot of links to the respective persons, places,
etc. I'll make my translation available to Yad
Vashem, as they are the copyright owners of the

you will find my personal blog, containing the
travel reports. Last month, I've been for just
three days in Radautz, in order to prepare a
summer trip - of course by motorbike - to the
Starting middle of May 2008, I'll spend about two
months in that area. Based in Sucevita, in a old
farm house (see pictures), I am planning to visit
Ukraina (Czernowitz, Rohatyn, the home town of my
great-grandparents Hausthor, Odessa, and many
other places, where Holocaust happened), Moldova
(including Transnistria), Romania and Hungary.
Within about 24 hours I've got a reliable
connection to the archivist of Radautz (see
pictures). Going to the city hall, I've spent not
more than one hour to get a register from the
19th Century and an old street register; so I was
able to identify the old address of my
grandparents (see pictures).

In addition I would kindly like to ask you the following questions:

1. Is there anything I could do for the the
group during my forthcoming journey?
2. Could you give me any additional
information regarding members of my family:
Hauster, Hausthor, Silber, Fleischer, Ehrlich,
Horowitz, Rudel, Bardach, most of them from
Czernowitz, some from Radautz and Rohatyn?

I would like to close, once again holding you in
high esteem for your wonderful and fair balanced
contribution to the historical debate.

Edgar Hauster

P.S.: I would like to mention, that your group
acheived a remarkable success regarding the
Czernowitz Jewish Museum. The inclusion of the
holocaust period is assured, so most of the
concerns (includng mine) should be cleared.

Edgar Hauster
Veerdam 5
NL - 6663 KW Lent
Phone/Telefax: +31 (24) 322 21 57
Mobile: +49 (172) 979 52 95

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