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Dear Elvira

Welcome to the list. You said your family was in the bakery
business, and my great-grandfather was a miller. So I am curious and
would like to ask you if you have any recollection of how bakers got
their flour .. did they buy directly from millers or were there
wholesalers? Would you happen to know whether flour mills were
scattered about on the outskirts near the farms, or more concentrated
in a particular area? I ask this question because I don't know
whether my great-grandfather, whose name was Isaac Edelstein (married
to Minnie Focke), lived and worked in Sadagora or Czernowitz. He
died before you were born, and I don't know what became of his
business, but I am just curious to know whether you (or anyone on the
list) have any knowledge of the flour milling business in the area.
Thank you.

Dale Prince

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> Hi,
> I do not know to whom this will go but here are some of my curricula:
> My name is Elvira Schaffer. My mother's name was Sophie Engler, father
> David Schaffer. He died in Israel.
> My grandfather from my father's side had a bakery in Czernovitz,
> Razboiene 66 (Brauhausgasse)
> This bakery was sold to Kelmer who became my first husband after he came
> back from Transniestra.
> While the Germans were in Romania our street was in the Ghetto.
> I went to Romanian school. Later for 2 years when the Russian came I
> went to Russian school.
> The Romanian repatriated my grandfather from my mother's side (he was
> once a Sef de Gara) employee back to Romania and so we ended up in
> Timisoara. (when Czernovitz became Russia)
> After this we lived in Timisoara till we immigrated to Israel.
> I had a son; Boris Kelmer who died recently in Edmonton, Canada.
> I live now here and have 3 grandchildren.
> I had no contact with anyone since my mother, father and many relatives
> died out.
> I met Gerta Wingert in Paris many years ago and stayed in contact with
> her.
> I do have a cousin who lives in New York her name is Gerda Chester.
> And a cousin in Afula, Israel, Roland Kimelman.
> I was 11 or 12 years old when all this happened. I did not go to any
> Lager.
> I seldom think about the things or times and the many happenings. It is
> now the first time that I think back.
> I got married again and now my name is; Elvira Leibovitz.
> If you think that there is anyone who can remember my family or me I
> would be grateful.
> I am 75 years old.
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