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At 16:48 +0300 4/6/08, Emil Hitzig wrote:

>The organizers of the Museum now want to pull history one year back
>and make the Holocaust cover the 1940 Soviet deportation.
>This period is now offered to us as a Holocaust surrogate!
>Why not cover the Nazi Holocaust? The real thing?

Dear Emil:

Please read carefully the letter from Ms. Lenchovska. She makes a
distinction between the "second part" (the deportations of May 1941)
and the "third part" (the Holocaust). To me, both "parts" were
deplorable events.

We still need to ask for clarification of what is meant by "begin of
Holocaust", which, according now to Mr. Zissels, will be included in
the Museum. Ms. Lenchovska does not say that museum coverage will
end with the deportations.

>Because of the participation of the local collaborates, who took part.
>This they will not have. Too nasty.

It's preliminary and perhaps in accurate to jump to conclusions about
motives, when we are not even clear about what is meant by several
statements in the email of Ms. Lenchovska.

>Therefore my proposal is to cease the contribution to this "MUSEUM" and to
>erect the same museum in Romania in one of the cities in the part of
>Bukovina that the soviet Ukraine didn't annexed after the WW2.
>Proposed cities are:Cimpulung-Moldova,Vatra Dornei,Suceava,Radauti.Dorohoi.
>Obviously the TRANSNISTRIAN holocaust was done by the ROMANIAN ANTONESCU's

I do appreciate hearing your opinion, but I also agree with Hardy
that we can not control where museums are placed. But I can tell you
that there have been discussions about plans to develop a museum of
Jewish history, with an eye toward promoting tolerance and reducing
anti-semitism, in the Great Temple of Radauti. I hope we can join
together to determine the facts before promoting a course of action.
Of course, any list member can act as they please, but we could work
better from a position of strength if we act with unity.

Bruce Reisch
(list owner)

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