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From: Bruce Reisch <bir1_at_nysaes.cornell.edu>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 10:45:05 -0400
To: anna lenchovska <lenchovska_at_tolerspace.org.ua>

Dear Anna:

Your response was welcome news to the group. I apologize if some of
our members misunderstood Mr. Zissels' intentions. Discussion is
continuing, and there are one or two individuals who will be visiting
Chernivtsi in the near future. It is still being sorted out who will
represent our group, and we hope that a personal visit will
facilitate communication and help prevent misunderstandings.
Together, I hope we can help you create a successful museum that will
be of value to Chernivtsi residents, visitors for the 600th
Anniversary celebration, and on into the future.

I will be traveling for the next week out of the country. Other
members of our list will be in touch. I am copying this to our
webmaster and co-list owner, Jerome Schatten, and to Miriam Taylor as
well, who has been a very active and helpful member of our group.

Warmest wishes, and Happy Passover,

Bruce Reisch
Czernowitz-L list owner
Geneva, New York

At 10:51 +0300 4/9/08, anna lenchovska wrote:
>Dear Miriam Taylor,
>Bruce Reisch
>Hardy Breier
>Emil Hitzig
>and members of Cz-list,
>Thank you for your emails. I translated them for Mr. Zissels. We
>highly appreciate your wish to help creation of the museum in
>Thank you also for questions and clarification of terms.
>By the words "begin of the Holocaust" we ment begin of Roman
>occupation, initialization of discrimination laws, yellow star and
>ghettos in Bukovina and deportation to Transnistria.
>For creation of this wall devoted to the Holocaust period we need
>authentic documents: orders, photographs, letters etc.
>Such authentic documents are crucial for the museum as a museum and
>not just a classroom exhibition. Josef Zissels and Natalia
>Shevchenko highly appreciate your willingness to provide us with
>such documental sources and contacts to obtain them.
>Is it possible for you delegate one member of your group to
>Czernowits this summer in order to discuss the exhibition
>personally, to see what premises and what resources do we have and
>need together to open a museum?
>Thank you very much,
>Warm regards,
>Anna Lenchovska
>The cooperation coul

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