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Dear List Members,

I am delighted that Marianne and Florence are proposing to go to Czernowitz
to participate in discussions about the proposed museum. I think we are
lucky to have such knowledgeable and experienced people to act on our

Although most of the discussion on the List has concerned the inclusion of
the Holocaust period in the exhibition, we should not forget that the Museum
will also be concerned with presenting Jewish life and achievements in
prewar Czernowitz, in the Austrian and Romanian periods. I am sure that
Marianne and Florence will be able to offer valuable advice on this as well.
For example, it is important that the increasing antisemitism of the
Romanians in the 1930s should be presented if possible.

As well as discussing the general goals of the exhibition, it will be
helpful if Marianne and Florence can discuss with Natalya Shevchenko her
detailed plans for what exactly is to be presented and how. We can then be
briefed on what photographs and/or other material are required, and how the
material can best be transmitted to Natalya.

There will also be important practical questions to discuss, which so far
have not been mentioned. For example: should photographs be supplied in
higher resolution than the copies presently on the web site? Do any of the
exhibition planners actually have a broadband internet connection which can
receive high-resolution photographs? Or should we send photos on CD? And
if so, to what address?

Other questions concern original material other than photographs. As Mr
Zissels has pointed out, the Museum would greatly benefit from the display
of original material. However I would imagine that people might well be
reluctant to supply original material, for a variety of reasons. This is an
important area where Marianne and Florence might be able to contribute ideas
and make suggestions.

Best regards to all,


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