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Surnames I am researching: Kunzelmann, Kopecki, Runzer, Beutel/Paidl
I have been reading through your surnames and have found this very
interesting. I am looking for info on the Georg Kunzelmann family, who
lived in the Rosch, Czernowitz area up until WW11. After the war, none
of the family was heard of again. My grandparents even made a six week
trip back to her parents, (Lorenz and Rose's) hometown in 1959=
no-one was found and there was no record of them. Recently we were
able to get a copy of the marriage certificate of my Great
grandparents who actually emigrated to Sask. Canada around 1910 or
1911, with their infant son.
Frederic Kunzelmann married Rosalia Runzer-
Their son, Georg Kunzelmann, (born ? , died bout 1895), married
Elisabeth Richter, (born about 185?, died about 1910), daughter of :
Leonard Richter (born about 1833) and Sabina Leigner (born about
1833), other children- Catherina Richter -Born about 1853). 
Georg and Elisabeth Kunzelmann had two children, a boy born about
1873, whose name I do not know and a daughter, Rosalia, (my great
grandmother) born on October 7, 1891 in Czernowitz area, married
Lorenz Kopecki, son of Jacobus Kopecki (born 1841 who was married to
Antonia Beutel/Paidl, born 1851). They also had two daughters, whom I
do not have any names or info about. One of the daughters had two
sons. Any info?
Rosalia Kunzelmann married Lorenz Kopecki (born on August 21, 1884,
Occupation -Brick Mason) in Czernowitz area, on November 21, 1909.
Witnesses to the marriage were Albert Hermann and Felix Beutel
(cousin?), both Brick Mason's. Rosalia and Lorenz had 1 child while in
Austria, a son, Albert Kopecki. They emigrated to Regina,
Saskatchewan, Canada about 1910 or 1911. The address I have is
Reynolds Street, Regina. The baby died soon after and is buried there
along with another baby, a girl, Mary Joanne. I would love to find out
where they are buried. Two more children, girls (one of which is my
grandmother Kathryn and her little sister, Betty {Elisabeth}), were
born to them and they lived there until 1928, when they moved to
Portland, Or, USA. Rosalia and Lorenz (by then they were Rosie and
Lawrence Kopeski { the spelling changed }) died in Portland, Or.
Lawrence did landscaping as his profession.
Lorenz Kopecki's cousin, Michael Beutel (born August 21, 1884), son of=
Laurentius Beutel/Paidl (sister of Antonia Beutel/Paidl, son of Albert
Beutel/Paidl and Joanna Dietrich; Laurentius married Sophia
Hirschmuller, daughter of Peter (Petri Hirschmuller and Rosalia
Neumann). I do not know what happened to him.
Rosalia had a brother (born about 1873), who I would love to find out
his name and who his family was. I have a picture of the family left
behind in Austria and there were quite a few of them. I am pretty sure
the picture was taken in the 1930's. Her brother was still alive. In
1930, he would have been about 57, so in 1935 he would have been 62,
and in 1940 he would have been 67. If this family is familiar, I so
want to know any information about them. It looks like there was a
wife and her twin sister and their mother. It also looks like many
sons and their wives or vice a versa and grandchildren of his (two
little girls, one blonde, the older one, maybe 10 and one brunette, =
maybe 8).
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Helene hms4him_at_wbcable.net


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