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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 11:11:58 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Thanks to Marianne for sending us the exhibition outline as sent
to her by Natalya. This seems reasonable, if a little overemphasizing
the religious aspect of Jewish life in Czernowitz.

Natalya Shevchenko has sent me a list of the people who have photographs
displayed on the "ehpes" site, which she would like to use.
I will contact these people individually and ask that they send me high
resolution copies of the photographs, which I will copy to a disk and send
to Natalya.

Some time ago, I wrote to the Chernivtsi authorities, asking about
having a plaque commemorating Traian Popovici, put up in a public place
In Chernivtsi, if I or the group of us paid for it. I received a prompt
answer that the city council had voted in favor for such a plaque.

I then inquired
1. Whether the inscription on the plaque could be in two languages;
   either Ukrainian and Yiddish or Ukrainian and Romanian.
2. What size the plaque would be.
3. Whether it could be placed either on the building of the city hall,
   or on the house in the Herrengasse where Traian Popovici lived.
4. What the cost of having the plaque made would be.

I have not received an answer to my questions. I will write them again.
Maita Prout is also looking into this matter.

Best wishes for a happy and peaceful Pesah,


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