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1. I've posted an album containing some of the earliest of
Czernowitz/Bukovina photos and drawings from a book celebrating the
500th Anniversary of Czernowitz. You can get there from the Menu on
the Home Page -> Pre 1945 Czernowitz Photographs' -> click on the last
entry; or if you prefer a direct link:


2. Posted today also is a 1935 map of Cernauti public transit routes
(trolley and bus) with places of interest clearly marked. This is
available from the Menu -> Maps -> click on the last entry; or the
direct link:


3. I am thinking of putting together a Traian Popovici memorial page
for the website. I have a series of photos that the Popovici group
working on the physical memorial has given us through Hardy Breier.

What I would like now, is for those in this group, who can and are
willing, to write a few paragraphs about how this man directly
affected your family's life and of course, any scans of pictures
and/or documents that would add to this presentation. I think there
are some pictures of the Popovici 'passes' on our website already, but
I can't remember where I put them; can anyone remember seeing them?
If anyone is interested in helping out on this page (doing some
writing/editing, collecting materials, etc.) that would be much
appreciated -- you can contact me off list.

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