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Dear Czernowitzers,

So far 8 people have written me concerning the languages
of the inscription on the plaque. Six of these were in favor
of Ukrainian and Romanian, two were in favor of German.
Thanks to all of you who have written.

I am as yet not sure that the Chernivtsi authorities will agree
to the plaque being in two languages, but if they do, I will ask
that the languages be Ukrainian and Romanian. At least so far,
this is what more of you have suggested.

German was the language most of us spoke and quite possibly,
it is true that most tourists to Chernivtsi are German speakers.
But, we could not omit either Ukrainian or Romanian and
I very much doubt that we could fit in three languages.
Please write me if you either agree or disagree.

I received only two suggestions as to what the inscription should say:

      SAVED 20,000 JEWS

2. He was a righteous human being.

Please send me more suggestions.


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