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If memoirs are useful, as the text below indicates,

has excerpts from my late mother's (Pearl Spiegel Fichman's) memoir, Before
Memories Fade. This site includes chapters Czernowitz during the pre-war and
war years, including sections on the Russian and German occupations (chapters
1-6). The full text of the book is available for purchase through
Eytan Fichman

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Dear all,

Below please find the latest letter from Natalya Shevchenko. There
are some specifics about the materials that are most urgently needed.
I have contacted Radu Ioanid at the Holocaust in Washington and they
are ready to send materials. We will also contact YIVO about
materials on the Yiddish conference. I am hoping, however, that you
all have things that will be appropriate for these exhibits. Leo and
I can bring things from the US and Florence can bring them from
Israel. Of you want to email me scans, that would be fine, or you
could mail me things at 455 Central Park West, apt 15A, NY NY 10025.
We can bring images, books, documents, objects you might be willing to
donate or lend, related to the topics below and the ones I sent earlier.

I also met today with Josef Zissels who is spending a few days in NY.
We had a very good conversation about the museum. He has clearly put
lots of energy into making it happen and is very earnest about it. He
is quite open to responses and advice that is offered in a
constructive spirit. He is working closely with Natalya Shevchenko
and the design right now reflects both of their vision, and that of
the designer they hired from Lviv. The museum will need materials and
financial support: this is an entirely privately funded enterprise.

I feel I have a good insight into the basic exhibition plan. The
idea is to tell the story of 200 years of Jewish life in the Bukowina
through a variety of images, objects and symbolic displays. I have a
feeling that the content will in some ways be shaped by the available
materials, and I did not get a totally concrete idea of what
specific materials they already have. and how we can add to those.
Thus I think we should just collect as much as possible. There will
be a storage space for objects that cannot be displayed. The exhibits
will be secure. There will only be one computer, I believe. But there
are plans, eventually, to extend the exhibit beyond the two rooms on
the ground floor, to include a literary/cultural display on the 2nd
floor, as well as a research center and library on the third.

Leo an I will be leaving on May 26, so please send things as soon as

best, Marianne

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