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I may have made a mistake, possibly it is only
the Yiddish conference and the opening of the museum,
which will take place in August, but even if the official
celebrations will take place in October, they will be over
by October 17th.

In all arrangements we want to make, for anything which
will take place in Chernivtsi, we are dependent on those
who live there and run the local afairs.

About the languages used on the plaque and the inscription,
please, all who want to comment or make suggestions,
do so by May 12th.


Quoting "E. & G. Weissmann" <>:

> Dear All,
> As to the commemorative plaque for Traian Popovici, it is my opinion
> that it should be in Ukrainian, Romanian and English. Anyone who can
> travel to Czernowitz
> from all over the world knows a few words of English even if they
> don't really speak it. Wherever you travel to, English is the first
> international foreign language.
> Moreover, in the Chesed Shoshana, where Dr. Bursuc works, there is a
> commemorative stone in the garden at the front, for the Bukowinian
> Jews who perished
> in the Holocaust, in Ukrainian, Hebrew, Yiddish and also English, of course.
> As to Mimi's comment in today's e-mail - the official celebrations
> will take place from 1-10 October and not in August. A slip of the
> pen/fingers?
> Regards,
> Gabriele
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