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This is just to let you know that today I photographed six of the remaining
seven Czernowitz society burial plots in New York, totaling over 1,100
burials. Saying this, I don't know when I will have the time to enter all
the essential genealogical data on an Excel spreadsheet and amend my
Czernowitz unique surname list within my Cemetery Project, as I have no help
with this. When I do get it all done and the unique surnames online, I will
notify the group.

I asked myself today why a Czernowitz society name would have the word
Podolier attached to it. Doesn't this word indicate a region?
Anyway, here are the names of the societies who owned plots here in NY:
1. First Czernowitz (the plot I haven't photographed yet)
2. Chernowitz Podolier Aid Association
3. Czernowitz-Bukowinaer Lodge, Inc.
4. First Progressive Society of Czernowtiz Bucowina
5. Independent Chernowitz Podolier Lodge #317 IOBS (also #819 IOBS)

I would like to know if any Cz'ers out there were ever members of any of
these societies, or perhaps their parents or grandparents. Can anyone shed
some light on the history of any of these organizations? Any photos of any
Czernowitz society meetings? Were any of these societies offshoots of
another society?
Since these NY landsmanshaftn were often extensions of similar aid
organizations back in their hometown in Europe, can anyone tell me anything
of similar aid/landsmanshaft organizations that actually existed in
Czernowitz before the war?

Steve Lasky
New York
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