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I agree with Cora re flights from Kiev to Cz. Aerosvit flies the route with
various aircraft. Sometimes they are newer western aircraft (B-737) but
often enough they are small, ancient, bone shaking Soviet era Antonov prop
aircraft. Almost two hours on one of those is not good for the "neshume".
I will be traveling from Kiev to Cz in July and even though the roads in the
Ukraine are nothing to write home about, psychologically I prefer terra
firma over the Soviet air armada.

Zev Cohen

On 5/5/08, <> wrote:
> Hi CZer's
> Wanted to comment on the message that requested information re
> transportation to CZ. I travel to CZ often from the USA but only took the
> AeroSvit plane once from Kiev to CZ and back. It was the first and last
> time I will do so! The plane was so old and shaky that my whole life passed
> before my eyes. It literally took years off my life. Time is always an
> important factor to me but I will spend the time on trains where I can read
> a good book, save money and live longer. Thought you'd like to know.
> Cora Schwartz
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