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P.S. To Mimi's request about the inscription for Traian Popovici - a
suggestion - something like : "Traian Popovici - righteous among nations
- he saved the lives of 20,000 Jewish men, women and children.

A film about Traian Popovici - a great idea. However, one cannot
belittle the great work of Spielberg-his film is a monument to the
Holocaust and will stay in
film history forever. It is a masterpiece and whenever we see it, we are
impressed and moved every time, again and again...
 Let's see how anyone can do better in practice.
Also, in the past 15-20 years in Germany, due to the impact of Celan's
work on German poetry, a series of documentary films about Czernowitz
have been made,
some shorter, some longer (i.e. Volker Koepp's recent two films), and
also many articles published on the subject. The Koepp films have been
shown in Europe and in the Goethe institutes all over North and South
America as far as we know.

Dear Hardy - you are the one who cries: "but the King is naked".

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