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Dear Dara,

Welcome to the list.

The name Schachner is familiar to me from my childhood, but I think, not
 from Czernowitz, but rather from Campulung, which is in the southern

Good luck in your searches,


> Hi. I just joined your list and want to introduce myself. Wow, you all have
> so much information on-line. Thank you for sharing what you know and your
> stories.
> I'm in my late thirties and (after a retail career) am now a grad student in
> Jewish Studies and philosophy, specializing in the works of Emmanuel Levinas.
> My parents are first generation American and probably b/c I'm the youngest and
> never got to know my grandparents as an adult, want to know more about where
> they were all from. Here's what I know so far:
> My maternal grandmother, Regina/Ruchel Schachner was born in 1901 somewhere
> near Czernowitz. My maternal grandfather, Seinwel Teitel, was from Stryj,
> just
> south of Lvov, and I have AGAD records for his family. But still trying to
> find my Nana's info. She only ever mentioned Bukovina, and Czernowitz as the
> closest city, although we know that her parents, Groinem and Rivke Schachner,
> had some land and a house, and they left during the WWI conflict but returned
> afterwards. She used to talk about the soldiers shooting across the "yam"
> (she
> called any river or water a yam) and hitting the roofs of houses, but she also
> mentioned going out to the Dniester at times. The line ran from Nowosieliza,
> south and east of Czernowitz, up to Onuth on the Dniester, which is almost
> straight north of Czernowitz, so their land should have been somewhere in the
> area. I also know Groinem was a merchant and sometimes supplied headstones,
> but I don't know Rivke's maiden name or Groinem's father's name.
> All of the siblings immigrated to America prior to WWII except for one sister,
> Lena/Lea, who survived the war but was widowed, and went back to claim the
> family land. She was killed by the squatters who had taken it over and
> supposedly the people in the area remembered their family and "strung the men
> up." I was told that a relative who went back in the 50's or 60's was told
> that all of the records were destroyed, but there's no record of exactly where
> he went.
> Thank you again for for providing a place to get help rather than just
> searching databases alone.
> peace,
> d.
> Dara E. Hill
> Graduate Student
> Department of Philosophy
> Purdue University
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