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Dear Andy and all Czernowitzers,

I believe that Traian Popovici wrote an autobiography and what
in some books is referred to as a confession. I have not been
able to find copies of these. I am using:
Jean Ancel's book, "Toldot Ha-shoah Romania" in Hebrew
The English version is: "History of the Holocaust Romania"
And Radu Ioanid's book "Holocaustul in Romania" in Romanian,
English version: "The Holocaust in Romania".

Both these authors cite the "Cartea Neagra" by Matatias Carp
as the source of much of their information, I have ordered
this book through interlibrary loan and should have it in two days.
If possible, I will sum up the information about Czernowitz and
Traian Popovici and send it to the list.

Radu Ioanid in his book cites another published source of information;
Jean Ancel's "Documents Concerning the fate of Romanian Jewry during
the Holocaust" published in New-York in 1986.

Radu Ioanid relied mostly on copies of unpublished Romanian documents
in the archives of the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
Some of the originals of these documents are in the local archives
of the Republic of Ukraine in Chernivtsi.


> To Mimi Taylor -
> You are not fighting windmills, you are making worthwhile efforts in pursuit
> of meaningful goals. Keep it up, Mimi.
> I, too, seek to find a copy of Popovici's bio in ANY language. I read
> somewhere that it was titled "Confessions of Conscience."
> Andy Halmay
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