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Dear CZ List memebers,

While each of the four suggestions included in Miriam Taylor's email to the List
of 5/12/08 entitled "Suggested Inscription on plaque to commemorate Traian
Popovici" are excellent, I believe the plaque wording should convey the salient
points and be as concise as possible in order to save space and grab the readers

May I propose a combination of the wording similarities in Hardy's, Berti's and
Miriam's suggested inscriptions, as follows:

      Dedicated to Traian Popovici (1892-1946), who lived in this house
In 1941, while mayor of Czernowitz, saved over 20,000 Jews from deportation
to Transnistria and almost certain death. In grateful remembrance by those
rescued, their descendants and humanity.

Obviously, if the plaque were to be mounted on or in a location other than the
house in which Mr. Popovici lived, the wording ",...who lived in this house",
would be omitted.

I wonder if the Ukranians would be offended by use of the name Czernowitz rather
than Chernivtsi. I would hope not since in a historical context, Czernowitz was,
if I am not mistaken, the city's name at that point in time (1941).

Gary Rogovin
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